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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

Our teachers are all certified in various forms of vinyasa flow yoga, which is a rigorous style of yoga that tunes into breath and flows from one posture to the next. Many of our teachers have been trained in the style of Baptiste yoga, but the more yoga we’ve experienced, the more styles we have come to love! We like to say that all of our teachers have read from the same book, but different chapters have appealed to each of us, so we all teach from different pages. It’s worth it to check them all out to get the whole story!!!

What style of yoga do you practice?

Yes! Hot yoga is our favorite! The majority of our classes, any of which contain the word “power” in the name, are heated to 90 degrees. It can get hot and sweaty in the studio, but we always keep an eye on both our students and the thermostat, make adjustments as needed to keep everyone safe, and turn on the fans at the end of class to enhance your cooldown.

We do, however, have a selection of classes that are not heated, which include slow flow, restorative, and yin yoga. Check out our class descriptions, where we make sure to note the room temperature for each offering. We’ve got something for everybody!

Do you offer hot yoga? How hot is it?

No, because we have so many different classes for you to choose from, we do not offer a first class free, as that would limit your introductory experience with us. Instead, we offer NEW students 2 weeks of unlimited yoga for $25!!! That way, we encourage you to try as many classes as you can, figure out what you like, and then make an informed decision if you would like to practice further with us. And oh how we hope you do!

Do you offer a first class free?

The most important things to consider when dressing for any of our classes are your personal comfort and your ability to move freely. That being said, we recommend that women wear close-fitting, supportive items such as yoga pants, tank tops, and sports bras, so that your clothing does not impede your flow. Men may wear shorts or pants with t-shirts or tank tops, and are permitted to remove their shirts in class if they so desire. We always take our shoes off in the lobby before entering the studio, and the majority of our yogis practice barefoot, although a select few do prefer to wear socks for extra grip and traction.

What do I wear to class?

Bring a yoga mat, a large towel, and water to every class. If you don’t have a yoga mat, we have mats you can use at the studio, though we recommend having your own mat if you plan to practice regularly. Any towel will do, and hydration is key!


We strongly recommend reserving your space in class before you get to the studio, though we do not require pre-registration. Should a class be at capacity and you have not booked ahead of time, you will run the risk of not being able to practice. For your first visit with us, we encourage you to get to the studio with time to spare, typically 10-15 minutes early, so that you can check in and get settled in the space. Studio doors are open 30 minutes before and after class, and out of respect to the rest of the class, we do not hold class for latecomers. We lock the door for safety and security during class, so please arrive on time so you don’t find yourself locked out of the studio.


Before coming to class, we ask that you create a profile and sign a liability waiver on our website. Everyone who wishes to attend any of our classes or workshops MUST have their own R2R profile. Our minimum age to practice in the studio is 14 years old, with clearance to exercise in heated conditions. Be sure that you are hydrated and ready to practice, and commit to staying the entire time. We encourage you to tell the instructor about any injuries or conditions you may have so that we can suggest modifications and be aware of your needs. 

How do I prepare for class?

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